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Title: Smoosh

Concept: Loco Roco meets Pinball.

Mechanics: Using touch screen controls, players roll their avatar in order to gain momentum for navigating about the playspace while attempting to crash into set pieces called "Topii" which possess distinct properties that either aid or work against player's progression.

Narrative: The realm of Akko has been infected by a parasitic foe who managed to infect the Topii (the landscape pieces of Akko) causing panic among inhabitants or smooshers.

Aesthetics: Challenge, Discovery, Sensation, Fantasy.

Smoosh Gameplay



Title: Auburn Sky

Concept: Flow meets Rez.

Mechanics: Using Gyroscope or Six Axis controls, players take thrid peroson control of a metaphysical being using an absorption ability to combat through celestial entities while interacting with cosmic phenomenon layered in new user experiences.

Narrative: The star Sirius is on the verge of supernova, alarming the solar system to pull it's will of summoning an embryo of cosmic matter to take form as its savior of hope.

Aesthetics: Challenge, Narrative, Discovery, Fantasy, Sensation.

Cover Concept
Auburn Sky - Game Play


Title: Escape 2048

Concept: Prince of Persia meets Mirror's Edge.

Mechanics: Players take third person control in platforming traversal progression using a mix of Parkour abilities and weapon pick ups while gaining knowledge to acquire new abilities

Narrative: Hong Kong has seceded from main land China in a lengthy war which has left much of the population of Hong Kong Republic in a deep state of mental trauma. Neuro electro shock pulse rehabilitation has been offered as a gesture of truce by main land China. Though, a lab assistant has stumbled upon China's dirty intentions of brainwashing the Hong Kong-nese, and now is on the run to alert authorities before it's too late.

Aesthetics: Challenge, Fantasy, Narrative,

Chinese Drone Mech
3D Max Wireframe
Lab Hallway


Title: Sulphur Quarry

Concept: Planetside meets Boarderlands.

Mechanics: Class based multiplayer FPS with light tactical elements

Narrative: Terraformers attempted to mine a liquid form of sulphur on the moon of Io. Quality of life began to decay as a result of aggressive and overambitious goals which brought construction to a halt prompting workers to take up arms against their superiors.

Aesthetics: Challenge, Fellowship, Fantasy, Submission.

View Of The Vat Fields
Vat Fields
Exiting Tunnel System
Sulphur Lake


Title: 2006 Demo Reel